I write about technology, workplace diversity, disability & pop culture. I'm also the publisher of thelearnedfangirl.com

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Google diversity article article

Tech’s Diversity Problem Isn’t Just About Education

It's been a revealing summer for Silicon Valley. Over the past couple of months, global tech behemoths from Google and eBay to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have been rolling out data to the public on the demographic breakdown of their workforces.

Snapchat article

The Musician's Guide to Snapchat

While video- and photo-sharing networks like Vine or Snapchat may seem nonessential for musicians, don’t overlook them.

Issue13coverv2 large 340x510 article

Living, Working, and Fangirling with a Chronic Illness

When you’re lucky enough to be able to immerse yourself in the sci–fi, comics, and music that you love all day long—and do it for a living—it’s easy for that to become an all–encompassing part of your life. I’ve always considered myself geeky, and I’ve always aspired to make writing my career, but I never really noticed or appreciated how much of my identity was shaped around my fandom and work, until that sense of identity was threatened because of chronic illness.

Open uri20140617 30087 9t63ae article
Built In Chicago

1871 gets $2.5 million from state for expansion

The expansion project will provide more room to house companies that have outgrown their current space within 1871 as well as space to support new startup incubator projects and venture capital firms.

Youtube music key article

Everything Indie Musicians Need to Know About YouTube Music Key

There's a bit of confusion (from both musicians and fans) about what YouTube Music Key actually is and how it's different from Google Play, Spotify, and other music steaming services. Here's what you need to know.

Uncanny issue2 finalcover small 340x510 article

The Evolution of Geek Rock

What exactly is geek rock and what elements are necessary for an artist to be in the genre? Is geek rock a musical style or an aesthetic?

The handshake agreement wearable donations at the va digital design weekend article

Interview – Heidi Hinder: Making Money More Social

Inspired by a brief residency at the Royal Mint, UK-based artist Heidi Hinder became fascinated with society’s emotional and social connection to money, more specifically, the role that physical currency plays in an age where digital financial transactions are increasingly the norm.

Burger article
Tech Cocktail

5 Fantastic Foodie Apps for the Life is Beautiful Festival

If you’re anything like me, a tech-obsessed, modern foodie, you seek an immersive experience with your food.

Kickstarter article
Tech Cocktail

Kickstarter is now a Public Benefit Corporation

Kickstarter Focuses Its Mission on Altruism Over Profit

Motox2 main article

Hands On With the new Moto X

The original Moto X was a fantastic midrange smartphone, but can the new Moto X really compete with best of Android?

Open uri20140502 31965 10p5wa article

In Memoriam: Frankie Knuckles, 1955-2014 | Newcity Music

"He was born in 1955 in The Bronx as Francis Nicholls, but in so many ways Frankie Knuckles belonged to Chicago."

Open uri20140617 5260 10hwswq article

The Case for the Mini Album | Wondering Sound

What exactly *is* a mini album? Isn’t it basically just an EP with a superiority complex?

Keidra 1 article

My Slow, Difficult Shift Away from Facebook

The new social order that FB has created has its own headaches– intrusive updates to the algorithm where you see posts from friends of friends that you don’t care about, getting ugly pictures at cocktail parties tagged, dumb political flame wars with crackpot exes, passive aggressive fights about party invitations...

Cqksfdcuaaeqgy9 article
Tech Cocktail

The Internet of Things Explained by Maria Thomas

You hear so much about the Internet of Things (IoT) from tech blogs and journalists, including Tech.co. It’s a buzz topic for sure, but still shrouded in a lot of mystery for many of us.

Payment article
Tech Cocktail

Making Payment Technology Fun By Making It Simple and Seamless

A workshop on payment technology is probably the last place you’d imagine jokes. But Justin Woo of PayPal had jokes in spades at his appropriately -titled workshop “Making Payments Fun” along with PayPal startup advocate Sneha Menon.